23rd August 2018: 疲れた {Japan, summer 2018}

After nine days on the go, mostly with the backpack on, today I took it easy as my body kind of hurt. I went for a stroll down Ikebukuro [池袋] and looked at yukata. I went to the music shops. In the end I bought a yukata in Shinjuku [新宿]’s 135º, black with red and dark-pink roses.

I got lost in Shinjuku Station. Like, very lost. Then I realised that to get to the “South Exit” you have to actually come out of the building and find it outside. Live and learn. The great thing about getting lost in Shinjuku Station was that I found all the TOKIO panels for their new videogame commercial. Including one low enough to be able to “take a selfie” with Nagase.

Then I picked up D****e in Roppongi [六本木], we had dinner and called it a day.