What is Jbinnacle?

July 2012

In navigation, a logbook used to be a book or notebook where the captains wrote anything interesting that happened on board. Today, both operational and crew data, as well as incidients, docking ports and so on are recorded there. A binnacle is a case where all the navigational instruments are place for quick and easy reference. Beyond that, binnacle is a really cool word – in case you have never seen one, here’s the one that you can find at the Cutty Sark

February 2019

After a few years, I have decided to build up the blog a little more, and that I want to tell about all my trips. I have been working on a logo (since I have done so with SemiRandom too) and made plans to expand the posting, even if it is a posteriori. Behold, our new logo:

March – May 2020

Jbinnacle was originally conceived to record my summer 2012 Trip to Japan, but now contains a bit more, and it has turned into a bit of a travel blog, and I have been working to re-tell about all my trips since that July. You can click the link “map” to see all the cities/towns I’ve talked about in Jbinnacle.

However, as the Coronavirus crises unfolded all throughtout the world in 2020, things changed. Before organising my 2019 trip, I aldready knew that I would not be able to go to Japan in the Olympic Year, and I had made peace with that – I had made myself a promise: I would only go to Japan if I got picked up to volunteer at the Olympic Games, actually I wanted to go to the Paralympics. But that did not happen as I did not get chosen. Thus, no trip to Japan in 2020.

When COVID-19 happened, it hit me hard on the economy front, killing my income from March on. Olympics were moved up to 2021, too. So it turned out, I will not be going back to Japan until 2022 the latest. So nothing travelling is going to be related to Japan in a couple of years, if at all there will be Spain and Europe trips (maybe. Hopefully. As of now, Greece in August is paid for), but not Japan. Thus, I decided to create a new logo, not so Japan-focused. I started building up recounts of all trips I had made and had not written about, revamped the tag and category system, and gave the whole thing a new appearance.

In April 2020 I released the new logo, hoping I can use it soon.

I also went back a few years and composed a few “Flashback posts” with collages of pictures that I had taken before I started the blog in 2012. It did not make much sense to try and retell the trips anymore, but it felt nice to have something in here to remember those getaways by.

A couple of notes: I use a twenty-four-hour clock, and for dates, CE stands for “Current Era” and BCE for “Before Current Era”. Older posts might have different notations as I go back to standarise every reference.

Have you travelled here?

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