5th July 2013: Enoshima {Japan, summer 2013}

Enoshima [江の島] is a bridged island not far from Tokyo where there are three shrines that have been merged into one for convenience, a local dragon legend and an asphyxiating hot and humid weather. It was also the last stop for this trip.

I guess that’s why the local rhythm is so chilled:

Enoshima Iwaya [江の島岩屋], the Enoshima caves, are beyond amazing.

The legendary dragon, which roars when you get close and produces flashlight when you clap your hands.

There was a bit of wavy weather due to wind, which allowed for a couple of good pictures of the seaward area:

Including the “turtle rock”, even in high tide. You just need to know how to count the wave frequency to know when the water is going to retract enough to let you see it ^_~

It was so windy that at points it was difficult to keep the camera straight for pictures, but we also visited Enoshima Jinja [江の島神社]

Well, the actual last stop was a bunch of Shinjuku [新宿] Book Offs but… don’t tell anyone XD. Then, the next morning I was off to the airport to go back home, fortunately the flight was much, much better.

4 thoughts on “5th July 2013: Enoshima {Japan, summer 2013}

  1. I love the way the local rythm looks so peaceful nothing could ever disturb it! Mentally comparing that to the omg-the-world-is-ending!!!! Cat at Roppongi Hills XD
    Glad much fun was had, happy you let me tag along for some and looking forward to con reports!


  2. Your Japan trip posts make me smile tons, even if I can not think of much to comment. Loving hearing about it and seeing the pics!


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