14th July 2017: X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2017 WE ARE X Acoustic Special Miracle ~Kiseki no Yoru~ {Japan, summer 2017}

This was the first day of my JR pass (in hindsight, I should have not have activated the pass this day, but the next), and also the day to go to the third day of Yokohama [横浜] to enjoy the X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2017 WE ARE X Acoustic Special Miracle ~Kiseki no Yoru~ 6DAYS at Yokohama Arena [横浜アリーナ].

I headed to Yokohama early in the morning to line up for goods, and I took a book to the queue as I would be waiting along for a while. At around noon my friend B**** came along to keep me company and we had lunch together after I had bought everything that I wanted and had not been sold out (such as the Yoshiki keyrings). In theory my tickets were arena, but they were actually on the stands, though much closer than the previous time I had been there – for Gackt’s Best of the Best, when I was on the second-to-last row. This time I was close to the stage to the right-hand-side.

The mere fact that the concert was carried out is a miracle itself. Yoshiki has been recently had an operation on his cervical vertebrae to try to correct the nerve damage he has suffered through the years. The man can barely move, but he tried his best, and the concert was very emotional. It started with the documentary We are X, and then it moved on to a very powerful ballad-based concert – though it had its hardcore moments with ToshI’s solo. The highlights for me were La Venus, Hero, Miracle with guest singer Ashley Knight, and a very unexpected I.V.. I was very moved throughout the whole set list, and the whole thing was very emotionally-draining, if I am to be honest.

Collage of pictures of the venue, outside and inside. Yokohama Arena, which is just a massive white building. The X Japan We are X symbol. T-shirts from the merch. The logo on the screen. People waving red penlights in the dark. Good luck flowers from different artists.

Then we slept over at a hotel in Yokohama in order to avoid last train stress and be able to sleep in a bit the following day.