16th February 2019: A day at Japan Weekend (Madrid, Spain)

Having nothing else to do, my sibling and I headed over to IFEMA to spend a few hours in the Japan Weekend convention of “Japanese culture and other stuff” that was taking place in Madrid over the weekend.

First, we attended a matcha workshop / tea ceremony mock-up to mix our own our own matcha. It was carried out by the tea shop Punto de Té. The tea was really good. We did not want to be carrying around stuff all day so we left it for later. Fortunately for the shop, when we came back the had sold most everything!

Then, we watched a kendo exhibit for a while. It was not a competition or anything, but those people were living the fights. That was cool.

One of the things I was most interested in was watching the act of a pair of Japanese brothers who call themselves Kuni-ken: older brother KUNIaki and younger brother KENji. They play traditional Japanese instruments to create modern rock music. It was an interesting act, and afterwards I bought one of their CDs and got it autographed (after a stint with a suitcase that would not open).

Finally, we stopped at AKKOGORILLA’s concert. She is a Japanese rapper who is all about girl power, and moves as if she had batteries or something. I would have bought a CD if she had brought any, so I got a zine for a signature.

I think I’m getting too old and cranky to hang out with the younger crowd though. In the end, I don’t care much about the shops – having credit cards, I don’t need a physical stand at a convention to buy stuff, and I avoid bootleg merchandise… Going to this kind of places for short live music displays… is starting not to cut it.