2nd August 2019: Ise Bunkamura {Japan, summer 2019}

When I was in Ise [伊勢市] in 2018 I could not budget (neither time nor money) to visiting the… you know what, I’m confused as hell as what the actual official name is. In English it is Ninja Samurai Kingdom – Ise, but in Japanese it is Azuchi Momoyama Jōkamachi (Ise Azuchi Momoyama Castle Town) [伊勢安土桃山城下街]. Anyway. I went there.

It is a sort of theme park where you can cosplay and walk around in costume, watch shows and play games. In theory, you can also visit the castle, but the bus there was not running that day, and a few of the areas were closed. Not that I regret going, but looking back it would have been skippable – now I know. But I had to go to know and get it out of my checklist ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) .

I think I actually spent more time travelling there and back than doing actual things. I had to wait an hour and a half between the shows that I had thought I’d use on seeing the castle… but nope.

Once back in Nagoya [名古屋], I went to the Book Off to check if there was anything interesting, as after Nagoya I would be heading back to Tokyo, and I could now go on a shopping spree.

Walked distance: 16136 steps / 11.5 km.