15th June 2013: Maratón de los cuentos de Guadalajara (Spain)

The Maratón de los cuentos de Guadalajara, Storytelling Marathon of Guadalajara, is an annual event that has been taking place in the town since 1992. During a weekend, Friday to Sunday, in June, stories are told non-stop. For a couple of days the town becomes alive with the idea of telling stories, is decorated and so on.

I decided to attend the marathon and listen to a few stories. I walked down Main Street, which had been adorned with flags and hanging letters.

The marathon was carried out in the Palacio del Infantado, a Gothic palace that belonged to the Infantado Dukes. The most important feature, the façade, was completed in 1483. Both the Palace, the gardens, and the patio were also decorated for the event.

After a walk around I sat down to listen to a few stories inside the Palace, before I headed back home.