28th & 29th September 2013: Barcelona (Spain), VAMPS, and friends

I had just started a new job so getting to Barcelona for the Saturday concert had to be undertaken on that same day. I missed all VAMPS members and supporting musicians coming in and signing autographs but I got a good place as someone had been “saving” my spot at the queue. I have some awesome friends ^^

This was unfortunately a rather empty concert, even if a fun one. Hyde tried his best at Spanish, which was not too good to be honest, but kudos for trying. The setlist had a couple of my favourite songs, so that was a plus. I also managed to catch one of KAZ’s picks, and got one of the bunch that bassist Ju-ken’s left on stage!

Collage showing the band, the stage, and the picks I got from them

I slept over at a friend’s house, and “sleep” means we stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning, but then I was meeting up yet another friend for breakfast. We went to the Parc de la Ciutadella [Park of the Citadel], which features a… mammoth and a really nice fountain / pond.

Collage of the park, showing the pond, a wooden elephant, some palm trees, and the lookout point over the lake

Afterwards we went to the area of the harbour, Puerto de Barcelona (harbour), to have something to drink.

Harbour, showing the different quays and the cablecar

Finally, we all got together to have lunch in a Japanese restaurant before I headed back off to the station to head back home and work on Monday.

Japanese food lunch to share, including sushi, salad, dumplings, breaded meat and sweets