8th December 2017: Ferrari in Guadalajara (Spain)

There was a tiny (five) Ferrari sport cars exhibition in Guadalajara, Spain, so I thought I would drop by, just to be able to appreciate what they call “Ferrari red”. I loved the cars, but I don’t think that I would ever be able to get in and out of them. You could not sit down at the wheel though, so I can’t say if I would be able to drive them (≧▽≦).

Ferrari was established in 1939 by Enrico Ferrari out of the racing car division of Alfa Romeo. In 1947, the first Ferrari-branded car was completed – there had been a racing car in 1940, but WWII stopped most competitions at the time. After the war, the racing team, called Scuderia Ferrari, was rebuilt, and went on to become the most successful Formula One Team.

Ferrari produced its first road car in 1949. the original road cars were two-seaters and usually customised. Throughout the 50s and 60s, customers used to personalise their cars, which would eventually become one of the brand’s selling points. Since 2011 clients have been able to work directly with designers so the cars are completely personalised.

The exhibition was organised by the car-maintenance watchdog, and the cars shown were recent models, such as the Ferrari F430 Scuderia (2007), the Ferrari 458 Speciale (2014), or the Ferrari 355 berlinetta (1994).