21st & 22nd September 2018: The Vampire Rockstar in Barcelona (Spain)

I organised a tiny getaway to Barcelona to see KAMIJO, a Japanese “visual kei” singer – visual kei is a style usually similar to rock that also dons a particular style or visuals, usually associated with some kind of fictional backstory. In the case of KAMIJO, that is a French vampire, though the poor thing’s French is worse than his English, no matter how much he tries.

To be honest, the only reason why I decided to go to the concert was convenience – it was over a weekend, in Barcelona, I had a good connection and it was not expensive – and the tickets came on sale the day before my birthday. I had VIP tickets which included a handshake and a Polaroid. Also, when I arrived at the line I was the sixth person – and I made some nice acquaintances at the queue who held my spot when I ran to the hotel to check in.

Apolo venue façade

The concert, Sang Europe Tour, was held in Sala Apolo, a venue in the centre of town. It was really fun, even if (or because?) we were few. I was first row, basically dead centre, and this was the first time that an artist has sung to me. I know that it’s something that many people say, but… hard to deny when he leans over, grabs your chin and looks into your eyes as he sings. Yeah. Well. Happens.

After the concert, I walked back to the hotel to have a shower and sleep, and the following morning I went out to meet my friends E**** and K*****, who live in Barcelona. We went to an Asian restaurant and ate some really great food, with very good conversation before I had to go back to the station to take a train home.